Saturday, March 1, 2008

Steve Novick for US Senate

The Author is taking a minute to personally endorse the candidacy of Steve Novick for US Senate from Oregon. Steve is running against Oregon House speaker Jeff Merkley in the Democratic primary, and we're in good shape with two good candidates to oppose the ever-waffling incumbent Gordon Smith. But Steve is the best candidate of the two for a whole bunch of reasons. Let me share a story.

When I was invoved in competitive thinking in high-school (you know, mental sports), my most influentual mentor, teacher and coach took me aside before the final round of one critical contest and told me the following. "Look," he said, "there'll be a bunch of your equals in that room all doing their best to defeat you and emerge victorious. Just do one thing differently from all the rest, to ensure you stand out from the crowd. All things being equal, you will win." Well I took his advice to heart, and I won.

Steve Novick stands out from the crowd in many ways. He graduated from the University of Oregon while a teenager, and from Harvard Law School at age 21. That's pretty exceptional, don't you think? And then of course, there's his size. He's 4'9". And did I mention that he's got a metal HOOK at the end of his left arm? So of course he characterizes himself as the candidate with the strong left hook who fights for the little guy. Check out his blog here, and his now viral TV spots, here and below. I've been a political consultant for over 20 years (every election cycle) and these are some of the best ads I've ever seen.

So Novick is wicked smart, he's got a demonstrable can-do attitude, he knows what it means to be in several minorities and to overcome hardship. Perhaps most impressive is the robust sense of humor he has maintained throughout his life and career. What's not to love? And one more thing, he's not a part of the totally dysfunctional Oregon state legislature. I would like Jeff Merkley a lot more if as speaker of the house he demonstrated some inspired leadership. Didn't happen, IMNSHO. So surf on over to Steve's website and check out his positions on the issues. You'll be impressed. I am.

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