Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Error in Judgement

In a previous post, The Author endorsed Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president of the US. That was a mistake in retrospect. And I need to correct that mistake now. Motivated by well-established feminist leanings and a sense of fairness, I had believed that Senator Clinton was the individual best suited to lead the country out of the Bush era. I was wrong. The conduct of Senator Clinton's campaign and the graceless manner in which she has dealt with competitive challenges, I believe, disqualifies her for the job. And then there's the nasty rantings of the men around her, notably James Carville and husband Bill. Carville has taken to bitter whining, bashing my favorite Democrat Bill Richardson. Shame. And former president Clinton has squandered his goodwill and remaining stature with Party regulars in recent days with his invective and innuendo.

It doesn't have to be that way. I attended the Obama rally held last week in Medford, Oregon. I was impressed with the candidate's modesty, sincerity and depth. He was gracious, though he drew clear lines between his positions and those of Senator Clinton. He spoke calmly and confidently, without the need to go negative on anyone. A real breath of fresh air. I finally get it. This guy really is about change, and substantial change at that. He really is about hope and a new coalition. I wasn't ready to believe that was the case, but I am now persuaded. So with some embarrassment (I hate being wrong), I'm going to retract my initial endorsement and urge my readers to dial-up an Obama speech or two on YouTube. I think you'll understand my change of heart.

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