Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Would You Buy a Car from This Company?

According to news reports, GM chair Robert Lutz thinks global warming is a "...crock of shit." Yea, uh-huh. So my question is this. Why would anybody buy a car from General Motors? I don't know about you, but The Author would like to rest assured that companies he graces with his currency share his values. Just when the new Saturn Aura was really starting to look good.

But why should we be surprised? It was General Motors, along with their auto industry cohorts, that convinced many US cities (LA comes to mind) to abandon perfectly good, rail-based rapid transit systems in favor of busses and more freeways for cars. Seems counter-intuitive at this point in our history. Just another example of what happens when significant decisions with long-term consequences are based entirely on economic interests and lobbying. One thing the collective, progressive blogosphere can do to send a clear message around this issue is to refrain from spending with companies who hold stubbornly to old, discredited models and beliefs. So forget about that Saturn. I'm looking for some of those new European diesels with 60+ MPG and a new generation of hybrids to do the job until a real fuel-cell hits the market.

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