Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Say No to Nader

The once celebrated consumer advocate, Ralph Nader, has made it official. He's running for president again. Someone has to say it: The man is mad, consumed by ego and beset with cluelessness. He won't even acknowledge his undeniable role in putting George Bush in office. A quick reminder, without Nader in the race Gore would have won Florida and his margins of victory in other key states would have been larger - giving him a clear majority of the popular vote. So thanks to Ralph (still makes me want to grab the air sickness bag), we've had the worst 8 years in our country's history under the leadership of the most ignorant and disruptive chief executive ever. So Ralph, go away. Get lost.

I'm putting my friends and family on notice, don't even mention the jerk's name in my presence. I wrote Ralph personally to express my bitterness at his decision, and to lay The Authors' curse on him. That's right, I cursed his life in the most direct, formal and serious manner I could muster - as he is continuing to damage the causes he purports to honor and support. Damn him. May he have a heart attack and die of natural causes. Tomorrow.

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