Wednesday, February 20, 2008

IBM Works on DNA Computer

Breaking news: Over the last 24 hours, several news articles have appeared about IBM's newly announced research on DNA computing.

"What we are really making are tiny DNA circuit boards that will be used to assemble other components." Greg Wallraff, an IBM scientist

That's right, we're actually moving forward toward designing and implementing an automated system built on DNA. I'm sure Leonard Adleman, the "A" in RSA for all of you encryption geeks, is very pleased. Adleman had the initial vision of a DNA computer in 1993 (Wired Article) and is now widely credited with being the father of the field.


roberto said...

And Skynet attains sentience when?

The Author said...

An associate reminded me today that teenage hackers might just be able to do their own desktop sequencing someday and pull the resulting, real-world virus off of some new desktop hardware gadget. I'm not liking the sound of that. So let's have the sentience conversation. Or maybe some kind reader could point me to an existing thread.