Friday, February 15, 2008

Ack! Re-boot

Apologies to Pop Impulse readers for my lengthy absence. I've been battling Trojans and tending to system clean-up chores. Is it just me, or is there an avalanche of Malware descending on us all? In the last two weeks, I've had to wipe a laptop and start over from scratch; and, now I'm wrestling with trojan jakposh on my desktop. Like I needed this. Don't you just love it when Symantec/Norton's homepage recommends "manual repair?" Uh huh. Running in Safe Mode, hand-editing the Registry, constantly re-scanning and re-booting is not my idea of fun. Good thing it's a low-risk virus, because I'm still chasing it around my system.

While ranting about security, I should note the increasing number of "phishing" emails arriving in my in-box. Not just the usual stuff from Nigeria. And now, phishing robo-calls are interrupting dinner. A lot of these emails and calls are referencing "rebates." I'd say greedy scammers are getting worried about the upcoming elections and making the most out of the last few months of their 8-year free-ride, but you'd call me cynical.

In any case, The Author is going to re-boot. And that means less about politics, and more music, economics, web 2.0 & travel posts. So stay tuned. A special shout-out and thank-you to my new subscribers.

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TalonOne said...

Sorry to hear you are still battling viruses. I can swing out your way and give the desktop the same treatment we gave the lappy.

Still thinks it going to be Hillary??

I have signed up as an Obama supporter. ;)

I believe he is the ONE....after much study and listening to each...and the other side.

WE NEED that kind og hope to get the country motivated....with the Hillster we have business as usual.

My 2 cents.

TalonOne over and out.