Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chris Dodd Stands Up to Spying Telecoms

As a former Telecommunications Councilor for the State of Oregon, I am delighted to report the success of Senator Chris Dodd's effort to derail a bill that would have granted retroactive immunity to large telecom providers engaged in extensive, unauthorized and unconstitutional spying on their domestic U.S. customers.

Just the phrase, retroactive immunity, raises my hackles. Know what I mean? So we're going to give a retroactive get-out-of-jail-free card to a bunch of commercial interests that have been playing fast and loose with our private information and personal conversations? And we're going to do this after-the-fact? After they've invaded our privacy and eavesdropped on our personal communications? I think not. Senator Chris Dodd didn't let it happen. For that, we all owe the fine gentleman from Connecticut a vote of gratitude. Thank you Senator Dodd! Check out the Good Senator's victory video here.

The Bushies have been pushing hard for this legislation, legitimizing their extensive domestic spying program - which has been seriously facilitated by YOUR phone company. Unless of course, you use Working Assets, now Credo Mobile. Read about alarming new domestic surveillance developments in this well-researched article by Tim Shorrock.

This victory was brought to you by Senator Dodd and the Netroot community, which generated about a half-a-million emails and a bunch of calls. Bottom-up democracy at work. Those who participated in this nationwide effort, take a bow. Now get ready for bigger and bloodier battles.

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