Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spring Break is Over Redux

After a long absence for Spring Break, bloggers block, some real work, and a dust-up over an electronic system error with the Oregon Department of Revenue around state taxes, I am finally back at it. Apologies for my absence. Spring chores got ahead of us this season, and my tractor broke down twice making matters worse.

Regular readers will note that I've added a "Help Russ Stop the War" widget to my permanent sidebar. I'm giving up on my self-imposed restriction against being too political. There's just so much at stake. So no rants, just a new widget and some upcoming articles around sensitive issues. Be ready.

My friend and colleague, Don Roberto, forwarded this link with the caption: The video that had to be made. So have a laugh at Alberto's expense. I'll be back soon with the finished versions of some long-simmering articles; including, a look at ethnic music in Spain, from Flamenco, through the Basque country to the Celtic sounds of Galicia. Spain has so much going on, it's hard to resist.

1 comment:

roberto said...

Good to finally have you back where you belong, hard at work blogging. I myself had just finished adding the Feingold widget to my own blog seconds prior to reading your post.

Perhaps it is kismet. Something is in the air. It could just be Spring pollen... or maybe it's the stench wafting out of DC from the rotting corpse of what's left of the spineless, feckless Washington Democrats.