Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gore to Hold Concerts

Al Gore, Cameron Diaz, Pharrell and Kevin Wall announced today in Los Angeles a series of star-studded worldwide concerts planned for 07/07/07, to focus attention on the problems of global warming and continue to build momentum around grass-roots pressure for a comprehensive solution. Wall, a well-known concert promoter who was responsible for putting the Live 8 benefit together, will handle the logistics and coordination. Read about it everywhere soon, or go to MTV's story right now to get the details.

Concerts will feature Snoop, the Chili Peppers, Black Eye Peas, Pharrell, Kravitz, Korn and a list of other, major performers so long it can't be reproduced in this post. Al Gore, of course, will provide the message - supported by background videos and robust documentation. Here's his official website.

It is not yet clear just how many more big names will sign-on, or at what venues they will appear. It should be fun to watch this major effort, promised to be much bigger than Live 8, evolve. And, of course, it is always interesting to speculate about whether these kinds of efforts, coupled with increasing angst about the condition of the climate and the planet, will result in a groundswell draft Gore movement.

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