Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Management by Baseball - Read it Now

Check out my friend Jeff's "Management by Baseball" primer. This is a good book, I should know. I feel like I participated in the labor and birth. Management tips with stories from the likes of Earl Weaver, what's not to love? Jeff uses game-winning and game-losing strategies from some of the greatest MLB rivalries of all time to illustrate his considerable grasp of the principals and practices of good management.
He's also one veteran blogger, consistently online and posting since 2003 - which isn't surprising as he is also an uber-geek. What else could you call the guy who started the original Infoworld Test Center? Still a regular columnist for that weekly computing publication, Jeff also has regular columns with CIO and the Seattle Times - where he mines platinum from mountains of baseball statistics. He'll pimp your corporate retreat with a great personal appearance and presentation for a few Large. Seriously, ping this guy. He's the real deal in a bullsh*t world.

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